Custom Parts

Whether you are prototyping or prepared to go full production, HumblSys can help. Through process engineering and automation, we minimize waste in time and resources to deliver a high-quality, lowest cost solution every time. Check out some of our customized products below - complex challenges, satisfied customers!

Do you have a unique component you would like HumblSys to consider and quote you for? Email us directly with your specifications (dimensions, finish, quantity) at Feel free to attach your CAD or other design graphics to help us respond to your request for quote faster.

Multi-stage parts like this slotted, grooved renewable bushing with black onyx top.

Complimentary components like this black onyx renewable bushing with diamond groove knurling, and matching sleeve with serrated groove knurling.

Larger bushings like this black onyx with diamond groove knurling and tapered inner edges.