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Alignment Pins

Alignment Pins

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Pin Diameter

Alignment pins are commonly used to align and position workpieces. Also known as locating pins, they are manufactured to strict standards. Alignment pins feature specific dimensions, allowing for a precise fit in the hole with which they are used. While HumblSys is capable of providing a wide range of alignment pins, the three most common types include:

Shoulder Alignment Pins

Shoulder alignment pins are characterized by a wider handle diameter relative to that of the pin body. The handle is essentially a shoulder because it’s wider than the pin body.

The handle is the top part of an alignment pin, whereas the pin body is the bottom part that’s inserted into a hole. Shoulder pins can be manufactured to include an optional T handle (pictured).S2

T Alignment Pins

T alignment pins consist of a T-shaped handle design. They feature both a pin handle and pin body, and they are used for many of the same alignment and positioning applications as their shoulder counterparts. T alignment pins are ergonomic and allow for easy single hand grip and manipulation. T2

L Alignment Pins

Sometimes preferred over the T alignment pin, L alignment pins are ergonomic and easy to grip. The handle of an L alignment pin creates a 90-degree angle with the pin body.

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