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Renewable (Slip-Fixed) Bushing

Renewable (Slip-Fixed) Bushing

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Renewable or (slip-fixed) bushings allow you to replace worn bushings and quickly change IDs without requiring the use of a lever press. Instead of pressing bushings in and out of your jig fixture, and causing damage, these bushings slide in and out of bushing sleeves (sold separately). By swapping in a bushing with a different ID, you can change the size of your bit and still use the same hole in your fixture.


Choose a sleeve with a length that matches the length of your bushing. Use a lock screw (sold separately) to prevent bushings from spinning inside the sleeve as you drill.




HumblSys Renewable Bushings include these great features:

  • Knurled head for easy handling.
  • O.D. has a slip fit tolerance for easy fitment with the liner.
  • Muti hold options including lockscrew or clamp.
  • Come in a wide range of sizes, finishes and material types.
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